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General Data

  • Type: Vespa PX125 T5
  • Manufactured: 1985 to 1990
  • VIN with elestart: VNX5T, ca. 1101 to 37161
  • VIN without elestart: VNX5T, ca. 3000001 to 3006631
  • Ignition: Electronic
  • Spark plug: Bosch W4C/W3C, Champion N-2C according to user’s manual
  • Top speed: 62mph
  • Gearing: 4-speed – constant mesh, hand-shifted
  • Gear oil: SAE 30
  • Dynamo: 12V/90W (PX only 80W)
  • Battery: Depending on country/equipment
  • Elestart: Depending on country/equipment
  • Front light: 12V, 45/40W (VW Beetle bulb)
  • Rims: 2-part, 2.10″ wide, 10″ diameter
  • Tyres: 3.50-10 Reinforced
  • Length: 1760mm
  • Width: 730mm
  • Heigth: 1170mm
  • Fuel tank: 8l incl. ~2l Reserve
  • Oil tank (with autolube): 1.5l
  • Fuel consumption: 3.5l/100 km (according to DIN 70030)
  • Lubrication (with autolube): 1:50
  • Dry weight: 108kg
  • Max. weight: 290kg


Not officially imported into the US; only „Lusso“ model with reinforced tires as standard, indicator beeper.


  • Transfer ports: 5 „luci di travaso“ (hence „T5“)
  • Bore x stroke: 55mm x 52mm (123.5cm³)
  • Piston pin: 16mm Ø; 47mm length
  • Piston pin clips: C-form with „ears“, rectangular profile
  • Compression: 11.3:1
  • Power: 9kW/12BHP at 6700rpm; torque 1.34kgm at 6250 U/min

Primary transmission

Clutch 20 teeth, primary gear 68 teeth


  • First Gear: 12:58
  • Second Gear: 13:42
  • Third Gear: 17:38
  • Fourth Gear: 21:36 (36 teeth = „Short 4th gear“ for PX200 which has 35 teeth here)

Ignition and Carburator

  • Ignition timing: 16° BTDC
  • Carburator: Dell´Orto SI24/24G (Shorter airflow than the „E“ version in PX/PE models)


  • Main jet calibrator 120
  • Mixer tube BE4
  • Main jet 112 (110 with autolube)
  • Slow running jet with air enlarged filter hole(s): 100/100
  • Slow running jet with standard air filter hole: 50/100 (default)
  • Starter jet: 60
  • Idle mixture screw PX (SI20E/H; SI24E/H): Tip 0.65mm
  • Idle mixture screw T5 (SI24G): Tip 1.5mm

Handle bar

Square head light, flyscreen, digital or (rare) analog tachometer and speedometer up to 130km/h, fuel level indicator

Front fender

Lower egdes slightly higher than on PX models, made of one piece (PX fender is made of two pieces)


Sheet metal welded on, approx. 2″ longer and steeper than PX


Slight hump, also approx. 2″ longer than PX


„T5“ alloy emblem on both side cowls


Small tray with sticker „Pole Position“


Silencing plastic housing around gearbox


Different grid, different form. Horn mounted to lower steering bearing

Rear brake

Easy adjustable rear brake like on later PX models

Front suspension

20mm axle like on later PX models

Turn signal beeper

On all models…

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