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On Dealer Specials, S-Types and other 60s-racers often one or two additional lights made by Raydyot, Lucas or other contemporary manufacturers can be found.

Marcello’s S-Type. More here.

Most people use one Lucas „Fog Ranger“ and one Lucas „Spot“, mounted to the legshield with round, diagonally cut rubbers. Power is fed to the lights via a threaded rod on the backside.



See the Fitting Guide at Allstyle Scooters.


At least Lucas-Models are equipped with British Pre-Focus („BPF“) Bulbs, socket P36s (s=single, one filament). These Bulbs are hard to get nowadays, so it looks promising to convert the bulb holder to accept something more common like P26s or H7 bulbs.

BPF to H7:


BPF to P26s:


Unsing a single adapror ring, both types of bulbs can be used:



Ring inserted into bulb holder:


Advantage of P26s bulbs is their availability in 20 Watts, 20 Watts Halogen or in 15 Watts yellow for the fog light.

Most generators should be able to cope with this additional load. Disadvantage is the maximal bulb „size“ of 20-30 Watts and the position of the filament with some non-standard bulbs. This locates the filament outside the geometric center of the light.

The center contact of the bulb holder has to be bent forward only a little, as the P26s bulb is slightly shoter:


Advantage of H7 bulbs would be the position of the filament, which is exactly at the P26s’s position using a 1mm adaptor:


Disadvantage is that it’s only available in 55 Watts or more, not everybody has a 12W BGM stator.

Additionally the holder’s center contact has to be isolated well and new (automotive) connectors have to be used.



Please see the German version of this page for pictures.


The spot light produces a nice point of light with a light corona using a 20W P26s bulb, the fog light a nice horizontal beam that fades on both sides.

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